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Changes Announced By Activision For CoD Mobile

Changes ahead for CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile

Since its release in October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile) has been able to carry over the series’ success to the mobile gaming community. Although the popularity of Call of Duty has been from its titles on consoles and PC, Call of Duty Mobile was able to introduce modes, characters, weapon and traditional maps to mobile gamers around the world.

After Activision released the new patch last month, the season six of Call of Duty battle royal is ongoing in Call of Duty mobile. Hence the developers have revealed what is in store for the game this May. The developers explained that there would be new game modes, events, and other exciting changes to be made to CoD Mobile.

1.Schedule For Call Of Duty Mobile This May

In a recent community update on Reddit, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile released the broad roadmap for the multiple events and game modes arriving in Call of Duty Mobile this May. So far, they have released Rust, Capture The Gold, Kill Confirmed, and brand-new Battle Pass for the new Wild West-themed season. Furthermore, there is going to be more content headed towards the player based throughout May.

One of the primary focus for the month is the Gold Rush events, as players will have the opportunity of receiving rewards for testing out the Kill Confirmed mode and entering battle royale matches. These prizes include M4LMG–Moonstone, the LK24–Flowing Bronze, and the Flowing Bronze series of BR class camos.

Also, scheduled to arrive on May 14th are new seasonal challenges for the next SMG and Cordite. Additionally, sometime in mid-May, the Saloon multiplayer map, 1v1 Duel, and Tactical Grenade Cryo Bomb will also be added. Lastly, in late May, there will be the inclusion of another battle royale mode and Poltergeist Class.

Here is the schedule for the game modes coming in May.

  • 29th of April – 14th of May: 2v2 Showdown Mode (MP)
  • 8th of May – 21st of May: Gold Rush Events begin – Available in Kill Confirmed and Battle Royale
  • 8th of May – 10th of May: Winner Bonus
  • There will bonus available every weekend in May for Ranked Mode
  • 13th of May – 19th of May: Free for All mode (MP)
  • 14th of May: New Seasonal Challenges – The new SMG, the Cordite, arrives with paid and free options
  • Every Thursday in May: CODM World Championship Qualifier weekend begins

2.Changes To CoD Mobile Battle Royale

Activision revealed an image of the Isolated map, teasing incoming changes. The changes are scheduled to occur sometime in June. Also, the developers are scheduled to introduce a new system with future updates to reward dedicated players that have been able to progress to the maximum level. Even more, the developers have been able to fix numerous bugs such as black screen, audio, and World Championship issues.

3. $1m Prize Pool

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship is still going ahead with the qualifying phase with the matches to be played every Thursday. The open qualifier is set to commence 24th of May, 2020 as the tournament comes with a massive prize pool of $1 million

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