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ESPL and Paytm First Games Team Up For Mobile Esports Tournament in India

Paytm and ESPL plan to discover professionals from the grass roots gamers.

Paytm First Games, a gaming platform in India, has teamed up with ESPL (Esports Players League) to bring mobile esports tournaments to India. ESPL has created a media network and an esports tournament to kick start esports competition in Asia.

ESPL wants to allow amateur gamers to become professionals, with their announcement last fall that they have been able to raise about $2 million for. This partnership with Paytm First Games will help them begin mobile and online tournaments in India. The aim is to cover all platforms for esports. However, the initial focus is on mobile.

1.Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is one of the fastest-growing platforms in India, having more than half a million active players that spend up to 45 minutes daily. The platform has been able to experience about 200% growth in the past month, has over 75,000 new users joining the platform on a daily basis.

2.Gamepind Entertainment

Also, Paytm First Games is the digital gaming platform of Gamepind Entertainment. It is a joint venture between One97 Communications and AGTech Holdings (Alibaba). The Paytm’s platform offers over 300 quizzes and games. Gaming enthusiasts have the chance to go on the platform to play games with the chance of winning Paytm cash, flight tickets, bikes, movie tickets, and cars.

Some of the most popular games on the platform include Clash Royale, Rummy, Ludo, First Captains, and quiz

3. COVID-19 Effects

In a statement made by the chief operating officer of Paytm First Games in the person of Sudhanshu Gupta, due to the fact that movie theatres, malls, and hangout options are shut down due to the lockdown put in place because of the COVID-19 outbreak, online gaming has now become the popular option for entertainment. Also, he said esports has begun to expand its base in India, and the partnership with ESPL is to focus on the grassroots amateur leagues as well as Mobile eSports space.

Additionally, he made mention of the Clash Royale esports tournament that his company recently hosted. He went further to say that the initial plan for the tournament was 500 players on mobile, and then over 11,000 showed up with the grand finals drawing about 70,000 viewers.

4. 5G Rollout

Michael Broda, the CEO of ESPL, said in this statement that with India rolling out 5G connectivity in 2020 as well as their over 1.2 million mobile gamers, it makes the country a key target for the ESPL’s amateur esports tournaments.

However, it is Paytm First Games that will oversee the rollout of ESPL’s amateur esports in the country. They will also be the ones to execute the tournaments by acquiring user, securing local sponsorship and partnership as well as creating local media content.

Broda also mentioned that ESPL would be supporting Paytm First Games’ efforts by delivering global sponsorships, media deals, esports strategy, and tech solutions. The first season of the ESPL is scheduled to run from May to November 2020.

5. The Path to Professional 

The reason for this partnership is to give amateur gamers in Asia a path to becoming professionals while focusing on mobile before eventually covering all other platforms. The partnership will enable ESPL to work as the producer of mobile and online esports tournaments in India.



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