Call of Duty: Mobile Esports Tournament Prizes And Schedule

Call of Duty goes large with Mobile World Championships.


Activision has revealed there would be a Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship tournament in 2020.

1. What’s on offer?

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament is a lengthy esports tournament that is sure to feature over a $1 million in prizes. These prizes will include in-game cosmetics as well as cash prizes.

2. What does the schedule look like?

The tournament is going to kick off with an online qualifier that is going to run through from April 30th to May 24th. The breakdown of the tournament goes thus.

  • First Stage: online qualifier

The journey to the global finals of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 begins with four different online qualifiers. This qualifier is going to be played on each weekend between April 30th – May 24th.

3. Eligibility

Only players that are ranked veteran or higher are eligible to have the chance to play to win Call of Duty: Mobile in-game rewards and for the chance to qualify for the second stage.

4. How does it work?

Each of the four weekends that the qualifier will run for, all you need to do is click on “sign up” in the game. Then the tournament will go live. You will then have the chance to play ten ranked matches to earn tournament points. The tournament points are given based on your wins as well as your current rank. That is the higher your rank, the more point you will receive for your wins.

If you can get up to 80 points in the first ten ranked matches on any of the weekends, then you have qualified for stage 2. Players must compete on an eligible mobile device without the use of any external devices that modifies the game controls without the consent of the administration.

Players should also not compete with desktop emulators. Also, the Administration reserves the right to investigate any Player deemed to be in violation of the tournament rules and regulations. The penalty for rule violation is disqualification from this and future Call of Duty® Mobile tournaments.

5. What are the Rewards?

  • For registering, you will earn a Call of Duty: Mobile in-game reward
  • The more you earn tournament points, the more you will continue to earn in-game rewards
  • When you qualify for stage 2, you will also be given additional in-game rewards.
  • For every week of the qualifier, there would be a new item up for grabs. Make sure you play each weekend.

6. Stage 2

After qualifying for stage 2, you would be required to form a team with other players that qualified. You will continue to play online matches with your team.

Information about the rules and cash prizes of stage 2 has not been revealed yet, but it would be updated soon enough.

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8. Conclusion

For a player to be considered as eligible to participate in this tournament, he or she has to be at least 18 years old and reside in an eligible region. Esports is trying to push forward despite the ongoing pandemic. The tournament promises to be fun.

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